professional china manufacturer glass bottle wine bottle filling machine

Group wine filling machine
PriceUS $235000 / piece
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, Western Union, T/T
Update Time 2018-08-21
Item specifics
Namewine bottle filling machine
Capacity6000 bottles Per Hour
Bottle Typeplastic bottle glass bottle
Cap TypeScrew Cap
Filling TypeGravity filling
vacuum Typeno vacuum
Machine FunctionWashing Filling Capping
Machine Size2400x2000x2200MM
Machine PowerMaine motor 5.5 KW
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professional china manufacturer  glass bottle wine bottle filling machine

The machine is in the foundation of single excellent technical quality, the automatic type filling machine and automatic corking machine with two cis machine equipments together, the automatic rotary bottle washing machine, automatic filling machine and a fully automatic corking machine with three machine conjoined together the power line equipment, equipment, bottles smooth, no intermediate links squeeze bottle bottle phenomenon, not easy to pour bottles, shortest path, low failure rate, high efficiency, energy saving, people, solve the equipment transmission time-consuming defect.
Characteristics of A, automatic turning bottle machine:
Machine adopts circle running turning bottle type structure of flushing, with imported brand-name electrical control components and automatic flip type manipulator, with automatic positioning and clamping the bottle mouth, the automatic washing function, beautiful and durable.
(1) the use of flexible mechanical hand grasping bottle, tipping bottle, bottle, empty bottle, flip reset, a bottle and other processes, to achieve full automation.
(2) mechanical hand stamping parts, casting materials are made of high quality 304 material, to ensure that the material of corrosion resistance.
(3) continuous tracking type flushing bottle with high efficiency, stable and reliable results.
(4) manipulator with a catch bottle positioning accurate, flipping activity freely characteristics and flushing valve sealing performance is good, red bottle efforts of Dachong bottle of quasi neutral and other advantages.
(5) and bottles with CNC machining center production of bottle guide screw and a star wheel, accurately into the bottle into the bottle guide, solve the squeeze bottle, bottle clamping and blocking problem 
of bottles, broken bottles.
(6) just press the button and replace the corresponding lifting bottl-e diameter wheel, can be replaced with different diameter, high bott-le bottle bottle.


B. Filling machine features:
This machine is a kind of equipment which can be used to fill the wine with low vacuu-m.
1, the efficiency is high: frequency conversion speed control, production capacity of the fastest up to 200~300 bottles / hour / valve. .
2, liquid level accurate: filling liquid level does not change with the bottle, filling level.
3, no leakage: seal tight and reliable, broken, and no bottle automatic bottle is not filling, not spilled l4, do not break the bottle: a bottle of high error automatically adapt to the frequency conversion speed control, soft start, soft brake, no rigid impact, no broken bottle.
4, do not break the bottle: a bottle of high error automatically adapt to the frequency conversion speed control, soft start, soft brake, no rigid impact, no broken bottle.
5, after many years of hard practice, combined with a number of filling patented produ-ct performance characteristics research and development, and so on, and so on, into a bottle of good, filling speed of the liquid level, so that the product is better than the same industry standards.


C. Plug machine main characteristics:
The machine is a special equipment for Wine plug, wine with a cork seal. After many years of practice and development. Reached the last century 90's advanced level.
1. Structure design, compact, reliable. Maintenance convenient, less trouble, long service life.
2. A high degree of automation, Lisai, plug, plug play, send congestion are automatically continuous, the coordinated action.
3. According to the height of the bottle, adjust the height of the plug, and the bottle height range is wide.
4. Into the bottle, the pressure plug process has overload protection, to prevent damage to the bottle. No bottle, no plug, effectively prevent the cork waste.
5. Electrical parts and components are used in the famous brand of imported components, safe and reliable work.
6. The machine selection, materials, the structure is reasonable, beautiful and generous

Glass bottle wine bottle filling machine