Automatic Film winding machine

Group label Packing Machine
PriceUS $9500 / piece
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, Western Union, T/T
Update Time 2018-07-02
Item specifics
NameFilm winding machine
ModelOK 250A
Capacity10000 bottles Per Hour
Bottle Typeplastic bottle glass bottle
Cap TypeScrew Cap
label Typehot shrinking label
working typeinjection from top
Machine Functionbottle body label
Machine Size2400x2000x2200MM
Machine PowerMaine motor 5.5 KW
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Film winding machine

On-line plate coil winding packaging machine packaging machine configuration.Pallet wrap packaging machine, winding machine, pallet packaging machine, pallet wrapping machine, all wrap packaging machine is designed and developed by our factory independent, welcome to order! 

Pallet wrap packaging machine for the packing of the goods in container and bulk, tray, at present, this kind of product has been in the chemical industry, electronics, food, beverage, paper and other industries widely used.Its main features: artificial start packing process, has a remote control device, can be on the forklift or remote control to run automatically;Have film agencies;Only needs tooling membrane, and the whole roll of film automatic continuous packaging;Make it easy to operate, high degree of automation, reduce operating personnel, etc. 
Coil packaging machine main performance
Membrane systems are pre stretch film frame, the pre-tension can reach 250%, automatically send membrane, dc speed regulating system
Lifting column double chain structure, lifting speed adjustable frequency respectively
Control system of PLC programmable control, push button operation panel, simple operation function to run automatically, automatic machine setting function
Since the dynamic measurement cargo height and photoelectric shielding function, turntable automatic reset
Manual strengthen winding function, can be set at the top/bottom winding circle number, number, strengthening laps up and down and to the top of the time
With a remote control device, convenient operation, improve efficiency
Membrane body up and down automatically, realize the roll of film only need to put the goods and start, do not need to plug membrane, time, efficiency is higher
Automatic broken membrane pneumatic control, automatic film, film, film

Coil packaging machine main parameters
Wrapped around the specifications (800-1100) mm x (800-1200) mm with order
Packing height H L: (500-1800) mm (500-2400) mm
Packing efficiency of 30 to 50 / hour
Turntable 0-12 RPM speed variable frequency adjustable speed, wheel slowly up the suspension
Turntable diameter size: 1650 mm height: 330 mm
Turntable bearing 2000 kg
Pneumatic system working pressure of 0.6-0.6 Mpa
The pneumatic system gas consumption of 1000 ml/min
The machine weighs 900 kg
Overall dimensions 2745 mm * 1650 mm * 2530 (3130) mm
Electrical source single-phase 220 vac / 50 hz / 20 a
Motor power 0.75 kw, turntable membrane 0.4 kw, post 0.37 kw